Request for Simbrief profile

With the advent of the NEW MILVIZ C-310R, can you please add the C-310R to the aircraft profiles list? Thanks so much for an absolutely awesome program to assist simmers with flight planning! - Rick1958


hi so i want to create a flight plan on simbrief but the aircraft i want to fly (Antonov 24 and 158) doesnt exist in the aircraft option what do i do? I have the information of those in case you need it I can help you

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Seems like the codes come and go at a whim. C414 was there, now gone. Along with a bunch I used to fly. Specs changing or something? Be nice to know why they remove aircraft.

Never saw any C414. There’s a default profile for the C404, but that’s quite different. Maybe you found the link to a custom C414 airframe somewhere else (other forum, Discord)?



From the Fenix Discord:

@Ian could you add this profile to the list please?



Hi Ian and/or Rodeo314,

I refer to the (closed) post called KNOWN AIRCRAFT PROFILES in which a profile is provided for the HEADWIND A330-900NEO.

Please note as per the latest HEADWIND A330-900NEO update version 0.200
(refer to : • Airbus A330-900neo by Headwind)
the simbrief profile for this aircraft is amended as per this link as enclosed in the update
refer to :

It is totally different.

For your information.

Best regards

Johan Lodewijckx (YoLo1956)

Hi Johan,

Thank you, I have updated the link.


Hi my first post. I have read several links here and this is the right place (my assumption) to post a air frame addition.
I note the Quest Kodiak 100 has been requested back in mid May and that post is closed so I am adding my request for the Kodiak air frame to that list. Hopefully it is being planned if not that advice would also assist.

Yes, I would like you to add the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III to your available aircraft. Additionally, also the DC Designs F-14 a & b. Realizing this is mostly commercial a/c. But many of us fly military planes as well. Many new military aircraft are coming into MSFS-2020 and X-Plane 12. Thank you in advance.


I would like a C-17 profile as well; it’s a pretty well-known aircraft with documentation available online (even directly from the Air Force publications website; and it’s a fantastic Cargo Plane.

I realize it’s not your average tubeliner or GA plane, but having a dispatch for something that big that goes that far goes a long way for the simming community.

Hello, I hope this is the right place to make this request. I would like to see the A321 Neo (especially the LR version) included. This is available for X-Plane by Toliss and is proving popular for shorter transatlantic trips. Only I have no idea how much fuel to load!
Many thanks in advance

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Requesting a Simbrief profile for the Airbus ACJ319-115. Currently, only the A319-100 is available.

Requesting a simbrief profile for the A2A Beechcraft V35B Bonanza there is no V35 Bonanza profile available

with the 737-900ER released, could we get a profile for her?

The absence of most Piper aircraft is remarkable. So many flight schools use PA28s - usually 161 Warriors. OK - similar to a 172, but not quite. Also, so many use the Arrow as the complex trainer. Then there is the Seminole - the PA44 - one of the commonest multi training planes - and still being produced. Senecas, Navajos… Then, we have the Diamonds. The DA40 and DA42. Maybe no simmers fly anywhere in these, that really need Simbrief. Skyvector and a reasonable guess on fuel burn will be enough. Just my thoughts.

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simBrief doesn’t need more low-quality approximate profiles, we already have a fuel factor and altitude offset to come up with our own.

The main difficulty with many GA aircraft, is that most of the easily available POHs feature the performance data required by simBrief as graphs rather than tables, making it more difficult, longer and tedious to convert the data to a format simBrief can use.



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Fair enough, Tim. I trained in Pipers, and they take up a lot of my logged hours. So, I was a bit surprised to see the piston ones pretty much ignored - but admit that Simbrief is not really needed for a high percentage of what these GA planes are used for. Seeing your explanation of why it’s a hassle to bother with this sector makes sense :slight_smile:

Anyone got profiles for the lvfr a320ceo family that just been released?

I didn’t see anyone else say this, and I’m surprised, but maybe in another thread?

My requests are the Flysimware C414, and the Black Square Bonanza (both flavors, or really all 3-4, meaning turbonormalized and normally aspirated, and tiptanks or not) and Baron, (again, multiple flavors). I’ve been just guessing at fuel loadouts and flying relatively short flights, and if push comes to shove I can always cheat, but it would be great to have a customized one for all of those.

I’m sure others would appreciate the other analog conversions. I don’t have them, but almost certainly will sooner or later, and so… may as well add those to the list, too.


Anyone has the Carenado Cessna 182T profile?