Aircraft Request: Cessna 310R


Been away from simming for a while, but I’m back now. When flying the C310 in FSX, I used a C404 profile (I think). It was “close” but not really.

With Milviz having released their updated C310 for MSFS, can you add this to your roster?

Thank you kindly for your time.


I would also like an official profile for the amazing C310R.
That would be something worth subscribing to Navigraph for then too!
Thank you!

Same here…

Flying with a modified 404 profile and it is far from perfect.

+1 for the 310R also

Yes I too would like a profile for this and the 414 as well.

+1 please for a simbrief profile for the amazing C310R from Milviz :smiley: