Can't install Airac Data into MSFS with Hub

I can’t get the new Hub to install any Airac Data into my system. I keep getting the error shown in the screen grab attached. I went through all of the steps suggested in the other thread with people having the same problems, but none of it works. I’ve changed permissions on all folders, and also tried installing 7zip and extracting the downloaded files manually. They won’t unzip with 7zip or Winrar.
That thread just got closed down without a solution. Has anyone found out why this is happening please? I can’t use my sim without the data installed.

OK, I think I found the issue. I’ve been using a Mobile Internet Router on my main PC as the main telephone line internet in my road is slow. The router is a Sercomm router that takes a mobile phone data sim card. If I unplug my ethernet from that router, and plug it back into the main house telephone line router, the hub works just fine. There must be a setting in the mobile sim router to block compressed files or somehting… I just wanted to post this here to help anyone else in the future who might be having issues…


Interesting find! Don’t think we’ve heard about that particular one before. Glad it works.



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