Can't find coordinates to fix message


Everytime I try to make a VFR flight plan I can’t select any fix or navaid. It gives me the ‘’ Error, Can’t find coordinates to fix’’ message.This doesn’t happen with IFR fixes, however I can’t manually select navaids like VOR. When use the auto routing function it does select VOR. What can I do to fix this?

This problem is on all devices for me, windows, android macos and Ipad. I installed the newest airac cycle which also didn’t fix the issue.

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Hello Florian! Welcome to the forum!

Can you please provide an example? Perhaps a planned route, a screenshot, or a recording?

It seems to work fine for me, here’s a route with an NDB, VORDME, terminal RNAV waypoint and enroute RNAV waypoint:

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The error message is the problem in the top side of the screen is the problem. I am trying to select menaggio (MMN7). I took this screenshot in the online launcher.

Great, thanks for the extra details! I can confirm the error message and will investigate ASAP.

This issue currently seems to be caused by your use of a VFR waypoint (VPxxx) as your destination, which is currently not supported. Other waypoint types are supported, however, so we’ll look into this to see if we can support VPxxx waypoints as well!

For now though, if you need a workaround, just add a destination airport and it will work as expected!

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Alright!! It works now! Thanks for the help!


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You’re welcome! We’ll look into making it possible to use the VPxxx waypoints in the future. Thank you for the feedback!

Sorry for the late update, but this should now be possible.
Could you confirm that you can create a flight according to your screenshot?

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