Can't drag my navigraph charts to 2e screen

may be someone can help me out.
When i open navigraph charts in msfs2020 i cant drag navigraph to the second screen.
When i choose minimalisation - then it become a black horizontal line ( thats ok) but when i hit the square in the middel then the chart completely dissapear…? When i select navigraph again it starts again totally new and have to select airports and charts again.

What can be the answer off this.
For 1 day ago everthing working good… i changed nothing

Greetz Fred



Make sure you are running the latest Navigraph Navdata Center v 1.0.10 and latest Navigraph In-Game-Panel v 1.3.

If you click on the blue maximise icon, the window changes to a window with square maximise icon. This window can be dragged to 2nd screen.

Also note the use of Ctrl-N to close/open window.


Hi Ian
Thanks for replay. I did already what you say, but still same problem.
I can drag the other pop outs like camera, etc all to my second screen. Only Navigraph charts not.
I have the latest version of Navigraph.
When i select the square (what i always use) the charts dissapear complely.
The strange thing is when i start navigraph again, navigraph start again from begin. Select charts are not selected anymore…
CTRL N not work…
I also removed Navigraph completely and re installed it again but still same problem…

Its a strange problem…

Kind regards Fred

Hi Ian

My problem for dragging map charts to 2e screen is solved
It was my display setting first screen. I change to recommended and problem solved!

Kind regards Fred

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Hi Fred,

Glad to hear.

Happy flying.


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