Cannot uninstall Navigraph Charts - can't install MSFS new utility


As I mentioned on a recent comment on a YouTube Video, I cannot seem to update to the newer Navigraph Charts utility for MSFS that supports the PMDG 737.

I am a full subscriber and use the Desktop version mostly, viewing on my second screen. All has worked well so far. Now I wanted to move to the newer utility updated for use with the PMDG 737 and so I downloaded the new EXE file and installed. However, after the install, there was NO updated version! I downloaded a fresh file in case of corruption and installed - but again no updated version, just the previous MSFS utility with the two options - Charts Viewer and AIRAC update.

So now I am attempting to remove ALL Navigraph utilities (including SimLink) so as to start afresh and try a new install with a new download. Unfortunately, now Navigraph Charts (version 7.1.35 at 305MB) seems to have been removed but the entry still exists in the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS settings! I have Windows 10 64-bit Home. No matter what I do, I cannot remove it from the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS LIST - and therefore cannot be sure of a clean slate to try and update to the newer version.

So far - I still see the Navigraph Data Centre Folder on C:/Program files which is now empty;
Having Removed SimLink, I still now see a folder on C:/Program Files/Navigraph/SimLink - and a DMP file still there;
Lastly, I originally installed Navigraph charts onto my D: drive (full path - D:\Navigraph\Navigraph Charts) and it is all still there including all subfolders and files and the uninstall.exe - which seems to run but not actually uninstall the application.

Any ideas? I don’t want to poke about in the Registry unless I really have to.

Thank you for any help you can provide,


Lee James
West Sussex UK


See no one is interested in replying - but I have managed to find the solution, so it’s all good.

Take care, Regards,


Good Evening Lee,

Sorry for not being able to reply to you in a more timely matter. It is the weekend, so we are not in full force. The team has been busy analyzing and managing several technical issues over the day that unexpectedly surfaced due to a very intense release schedule over the past two weeks. We have therefore been a little delayed in our communication. I am pleased to hear that you managed to find a solution without our help, and I regret that we failed to assist you.

Please give us a new chance if you run into more trouble.

Kind regards,