Cannot resize or hide Navigraph Window

Is this possible to do? I use three monitors - each independently driven from my Mac Studio.

During flight all three monitors are used for one continuous display of the flight. I would like to switch to Nabigraph from time to time to check data but not take up real estate during the actual flight

The Navigraph window doe not seem to allow it to be resized or step down sized or hidden - standard features in OSX. What am I missing here please

Thank you

Hello! Welcome back to our forum!

The Navigraph Charts application should allow you to resize it to any dimensions you’d like.

Navigraph Charts 02-12

Could you send me a screenshot of what it looks like right now?
Are you sure that you have not accidentally put the app in full-screen mode?

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Thank you Full Screen mode was the culprit.

Now how do I Hide the screen when needed?


I am not entirely sure what you mean. This is not app-specific behaviour, but rather comes down to how you prefer to use your OS (in this case macOS).

If you want to minimize the window, you should be able to press + M while having the Charts app focused to do so. You can also use the window controls in the top left of the window where the button colors have the following meaning:

  • Red = Close window
  • Yellow = Minimize window
  • Green = Maximize (fullscreen) window

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