Can not install newest revision

Hi all, I did want to update to revision 2211 Revision 2, but no matter what I do in the Navdata Center, it still reads “rev.1” after installation. What am I doing wrong here?


2212 rev 1 is the most current one, if you mean the MSFS navdata.



Hi @stephen, this sounds rather strange to me, because in this thread here: VHHX double runways with SU11
it is mentioned that the double runways in VHHX are resolved with a Revision 2 of the 2211 Navdata. What do I mix up here?

That was last month, during cycle 2211. Which got revised.

Now we are in cycle 2212. Fixes from previous cycles are automatically applied to new cycles.

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Haha, my bad, sorry.

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