Can i have a moving map in my ipad pro2020, if so please help me

Can i have a moving map in my ipad pro 2020, if so please help me…

What I did is just run my simlink app on my laptop windows 10 and i run the charts 8 ios app on my ipad pro 2020, is it possible to have my map moving runing smilink on the laptop windows 10. And running the charts on the ipad.

If i cannot do it… then please tell me how can I have my moving map on the ipad.

Your sincerely,


Hi Turki,


Yes, you run Simlink on your FS machine, which sends your aircraft’s coordinates to our servers. When you run the latest Charts on your iPad, charts are downloaded from our servers with the Moving Map icon placed on the chart where you aircraft is located.

You may need to click on Moving Map highlighted here with red box:


What do you mean by FS MACHINE .

I am playing the MSFS 2020 on the xbox series x