Bugged sidebar Hide function with the new update

Hello, since the newest update to Charts 8, if I press sidebar’s “Hide” button, the sidebar get’s stuck and I am unable to bring it back. This has not been the case for any previous versions.

The sidebar is completely gone, and pressing anything won’t restore it. Only way to have it again is to restart the app. This happens on both of my PC’s I use Charts on, and also appears to also be the case for the Charts Cloud.

Yep, the latest update to v8.18.0 has broken the ‘hide’ function. You can get the sidebar back by resizing the window but lose it again if you use ‘hide’ again.

Can’t see how this one got thru :frowning:

We can confirm and will issue a hotfix for this.



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Glad to hear!
~ Niilo

Thank you Stephen for prompt response and resolution

Please reload the web app or restart the desktop app now. You should then get v 8.19 where this issue has been resolved.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the quick response and fix. Appreciate it!

Mine bug was a little different that impacted the show / hide on the windows application version.

This is hidden view of left side menu.


Please update to the latest version 8.19 which fixes this issue.



Perfect, thankyou. It just updated and now works.

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