BUG REPORT: SSG E-170 freezes XP11 when selecting ZPATA transition on ULUBA1 arrival

Windows 10, XP11.55r2, SSG E-170, AIRAC 2113

The SSG E-170 in XP11 freezes when loading the ULUBA1 arrival with the ZPATA transition into TNCM. Initialize, Pos Init, SVMG → TNCM, flight #, enroute wpt PELMA (just to have one), RWY 9 ARNAK departure with BAHIA transition, ULUBA1 arrival, and when pressing NEXT and selecting the ZPATA transition, the sim freezes and sits for up to 20 minutes before I kill the XP11 process and try something else. Have tried it with and without an enroute waypoint, entering arrival before departure, no such luck - and it seems to be that specific transition for that arrival. DANDE transition works just fine connecting the arrival and the RNAV 10 approach, and I can select ZPATA transition as part of the PELCN2 departure.

Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong or if this is an issue with the data.

Thank you,


Data is just data; a freeze is more likely an issue with the aircraft itself.



Thank you for your reply. After testing with other aircraft, I agree. Cheers.

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