Blank MSFS in-game panel

The MSFS in-game panel window is blank. All mods removed from community folder, panel removed and reinstalled, panel is still blank but the desktop app works fine.

I’m having a similar problem of my map is blank within MSFS2020 when I select it. Tried to reinstall same issue.

I have no other 3rd mods.

Notes yesterday 9/20/21 Microsoft updated the MSFS2020. Not sure if that’s the issue?

Should I reinstall everything including MSFS2020? Thanks!!

It’s working as of now. It would have been nice to have known it wasn’t me after spending 3 hours of flight time troubleshooting… :frowning: So happy to see my charts back though!

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Mine started working again…must have been a server issue
had me in angst thinking I was going to have to reinstall msfs2020

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