After Installing in MSFS2020 - Chart window blank, No log-in option

I just renewed my optimum subscription for a year and have installed the In-Game Charts. When I open the Charts icon in MSFS (using an Asobo Steam Cessna 172), the window has no content. I was expecting a log-in screen with a QR code.
Are there any suggestions?



Hello Peter! Welcome to the forum!

Thank you for reaching out. I have tried to reproduce the issue in multiple ways, but I always get the login prompt followed by a fully working panel. While we do not have any indication of outages in any of our services, this could have been something temporary. Are you still experiencing the same issue?

I see that someone else created a thread with the same topic, but it has since been deleted by the author. Perhaps that could also point towards a temporary outage?

Please verify and get back to me if you are still seeing this issue!

Kind Regards,

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It appears the computer needed to sleep on it. When starting this morning, the login window appeared. Thanks for the quick reply.

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