BIKF wrong frequency TWR/GND

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just stumbled over a possible wrong frequency in BIKF.
126.2 MHz is listed as Tower AND Ground on Navigraph but can’t be found on the official Airport site:

Is that intentional or a bug?


On which chart?
On the airport chart here Ground =121.90 and Tower=118.30
126.20 is listed as backup on the AIP and used at ATC request.

I found it on the Airport Info under Comms, hence me asking. If it’s a backup all good.
But it’s listed along the primary frequencies under teh comms section, that got me confused

Thanks for posting!

This is indeed a bit confusing and we have internal plans to make scenarios like these more clear in the future. There are many kinds of different frequencies, such as:

  • Non-english
  • Military
  • Air/ground
  • Departure / Arrival specific
  • “Secondary” or backup
  • PCL
  • CTAF
  • FIS

… and the list goes on. I can count 75+ different combinations of such types in the current cycle. We shall make an effort to make at least some of this information visible in the user interface! Sorry for the confusion in the meantime.

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