Big map problem

hello team, I do not know where to place this problem, I was able finally, make a subscription, but as much as I can sign on another computer, on the one where is flight simu, impossible to connect, I still loaded the pack navigraph and I am well linked, when I open navigraph standalone the map flashes without stopping, And when I go through Fligh Simu I have no map just the way,I do not know what to do, I am registered with the account and, subscription on my mail,thank for your answer
Arnaud de Fazio

Hi Arnaud,


Thank you for signing your post with your name.

Make sure you have one only Simlink installed and running on your Flight Sim computer only. Please uninstall/remove Simlink from any other computer(s). This will provide Moving Map functionality to Charts on any device logged in with your account.

If this is still a problem, please advise if you have Moving Map on Navigraph Charts.


Also please make sure your computer clock is synced. That is the most likely cause of a blinking map.



very thanks for your answer,it’s working now, it was the clock
best regards

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