AWY UA770 missing (Central America/Mexico) from AIRAC 2112

I use PFPX and the airway is viewable on the map however when routing “via” UA770 PFPX flags this as an unknown waypoint or airway.

This may occur if a VOR/NDB use the same name as a point on the airway.

Can you post your full route.

Sorry for the late reply.


I wonder if there is an issue with a shared airway. After looking at the Jepps, airway UL209 is charted as separate airway, that runs atop UA770 from MID (Merida) to BETAS where it becomes a shared airway to KEHLI. I know there were similar issues with airways in Tajikistan that were set to expire at the end of one AIRAC cycle and new airways opened however, I think, the Tajiks submitted their AIRAC changes too late and both airways were charted and included in the AIRAC.

If I format your route to the FAA domestic standard using two ‘periods’ for directs it imports directly in PFPX:


I tried constructing the route using the editor map and had no issue either.

This with AIRAC 2112, perhaps there was an issue previously.

EDIT: Sorry for that the forum is changing the two period format :frowning:

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