AIRAC 2212 isn't working?


I’m currently attempting to build this route, VASI1T VASIL UW36 DAKMO ISOKO ITEDO1 between SKBO & MPTO using the latest AIRAC (2212) and it gives me this error, ‘Error: Airway “UW36” uses invalid endpoints. Route distance: 427 nm (+ 4.8%).’ however when I roll the AIRAC back to 2211 it works just fine?

Could someone please advise?

Many Thanks.


I guess the airway UW36 was removed in the latest AIRAC. It’s quite common for airways to be removed or changed.

Maybe try the following route instead: VASI1T VASIL UL423 PULOX UM549 SIGUN ISOKO ITEDO1

Best regards,

Thanks for the swift reply!

I did wonder that however, it did work in the aircraft with the latest AIRAC also updated? (Zibo.)

Thanks again, and I will try that route next time I fly out of there.



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