Authentication problem: Your session has expired

Simlink can’t authenticate.
I tried reinstall simlink, disable firewall, disable antivirus.
I was checking the browser application settings.
No luck. Simlink don’t fire up authentication form in browser.
My account is banned on server?

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Hi Andrew,

Please upload latest dlog and log from c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Navigraph\Simlink\logs.


Log is here:
simlink_2022-01-15.dlog (2.3 KB)

What it is “latest dlog”?
This is debug log from simulator?
The MSFS 2020 does not show debugging information.

Hi Andrew,
please do following:

  1. Close Simlink
  2. Goto %appdata%\Navigraph\Charts
  3. delete the .settings file
  4. start Simlink again and look, if you can sign in …


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