Australian charts missing

Using YBAS as an example there are several RNP (AR) approaches and SID’s that do not appear in Navigraph Charts but are available in the FMS database. Is this because the charts say FOR CASA APPROVED OPERATORS ONLY? Examples at YBAS include:

RNAV-M (RNP) RWY 12 & 30
RNAV-P (RNP) RWY 12 & 30
RNAV-U (RNP) RWY 12 & 30

There are a few other australian airports like YPPD that also have RNP approaches missing. These can also be selected from the database but charts have to be googled

some data are tailored data which are added manually and not from our data-provider. It´s equal as an example to Kai Tak (VHHX) - here we offer also the data but can´t offer the charts. Therefore such approaches are missing in the charts.


Ok thanks. Although I wouldn’t have said it was equal as VHHX doesn’t actually exist anymore and YBAS does but I get why they aren’t in the charts. Just have to continue using Google for them

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