ATC X export format

can you add .txt type files for the export of flight plans for ATC X life, for example, thank you

Hi! This request is unlikely to be considered unless:

  • There is high demand for it
  • You provide more documentation that outlines the content and structure of the suggested file

Where does this fileformat come from to begin with? If I google ATC X, I get hits for ProATC - a program that supports loading the already supported .pln format. Are you sure that whatever software you are using does not support any of the standard formats?

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hello thank you for your return yes it is a plugin for x plane 11 or 12 called X Life it is for the Atc and it only takes .txt type files thank you

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I see - so not for ProATC then. There is very limited information about the plugin that you mentioned, but it seems like SimBrief might support it already?

This has very low priority for us right now, but you have posted in the exact right forum category for us to be able to gauge interest in this, so users can let us know if they want this!

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