ATC Integration

I have throughly enjoyed using Navigraph for all of my flight planning needs. Navigraph is packed with so many features that I use on a regular basis. However I believe that the Navigraph team should integrate a ATC feature into their software! Imagine a program that had all of the flight planning right there on your screen along with the Simlink and combine that with a full SID/STAR ATC. I would definitely pay for an additional monthly cost if this could be realized. I am currently running both XP 11 and X12 on a brand new Mac Studio (No I am not switching to windows!). The currently freeware available to the flight sim world who are on a Mac is lacking, by integrating ATC into Navigraph all of the vital import information would be there right in front of you. Navigraph keep up the good work!!

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Well said and I concur with it all ATC integration would be great and worth additional fee if necessary. Excellent work as stated previously.

ATF communication sometimes gives me the creep. Would be nice if Navigraph/Simlink connection could guide what and when ATC readouts are to be made from the Pilot’s end. Say, when approaching towards landing, at say 20nm, what is to be read out. Couldn’t be hard, would it? Just a thought.