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After creating a SimBrief flight plan I’m able to export the files via the SimBrief Downloader to my PMDG files with no problem. However when hitting the “Load” button on the Flight Plan page of ASP3D, there is no flight plan file to upload. I have the Active Sky IP/Port and Active Sky Snapshot boxes checked in the SimBrief Downloader Program settings and have not changed any of the paths. When I used PFPX in the past, there was always a file there to load. It was located in C> Users >…> Documents > Prepar3D v5 Files. I have that location listed in the SimBrief Downloader Download Directory. I’m thinking that it might be a format issue since ASP3D is not seeing it. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thanks.
Pete Locascio


I recommend making sure that you have set the Downloader to export the “FSX/P3D” format to the C> Users >…> Documents > Prepar3D v5 Files directory.

To clarify, the “Active Sky IP/Port” and “Active Sky Snapshot” options are not where you set this. These options are used to upload Active Sky weather to SimBrief, not for exporting the flight plan. This is the option that you should set:

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Stupid Me! I had that FSX/P3D export line still set to P3Dv4, not P3Dv5. It works fine now, Thanks.
Pete Locascio

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