Append the active AIRAC cycle number in "Extra FPL Info (Item 18)"


I have the navigraph annual subscrption and use it to keep the AIRAC current in Simbrief. In my VATSIM flightplan comment I always indicate the AIRAC version I am using in the comment box. I have added active AIRAC information in the “Extra FPL Info (Item 18)” section of my simbrief aircraft configurations so that when I generate my flightplan using simbrief, the VATSIM flight plan comment automatically contains the comment (e.g., “AIRAC 2205”). However, I have manually update the “Extra FPL info” datafield with every new AIRAC release, for every aircraft I have in my simbrief profile. This manual update takes time and I often forget to update it. It would be great if the AIRAC version used in flightplan gerenation is automaticall appended in the comment field during VATSIM prefile from Simbrief.


We don’t do that in the RW; it is assumed (and required by ICAO) that you are using a current NDB.

Hello, thanks for the suggestion.

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