Xplane11 Version 11.50r1 How do I update database for GTN750

Is it possible to update Global and US Navdata base for the Garmin GTN750 in Xplane11 using Navigraph paid subscription?

no sorry - we would but we may not. This data format is in the original Garmin format, which also can be used in the original, real Garmin GTN750 and that doesn´t allow us, to provide the data. Sorry.

So Garmin is worried about piracy or Copywrite infringement? To bad lots of simmers use this product.

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No (or possible too, I don´t know) - but the main issue is, that we have no control, if the data will not be installed on real Garmins also, which will than be used in real-aviation. There is no possibility of a watermark or similar else. So, there is simple no protection not to do this …

Thank you for your time, cheers to you too.

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