Beta navdata and FPL

hello, I would like to ask. In MSFS, when I try to fly a specific flight, with entering the FPL into FMS, in two different airplanes, I get no altitude information next to the waypoints, therefore the autopilot does not know, which altitude it should be on at the specific waypoint. Would the new beta “AIRAC” for MSFS solve this problem, or is it a problem of the airplane? Tested on CJ4 and a320NEO - LZKZ SID KEKED DCT NARKA L867 NEPOT Y576 ELVAB L605 BULEN L742 ESENA STAR LBBG

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no sorry thats a sim limitation. In the AIRAC data we have the constraints and also in the file which we provide as updates but the sim can’t handle this in the correct way. Sorry, but there is also no workaround possible. We only can hope, that ASOBO fix this somedays …


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