Aivlasoft efb v2 airac 2106 v2 no sids

I install 2106 on aivlasoft efb v2 and no sids. I check LGAV and LGMT. I downloaded manually, the same results. Also 2106 is 1 MB+ smaller than 2105 size. I install again 2105 everything is O.K. Please advise

Can confirm REV2 of 2106 has introduced this problem, no SID/STAR

EDIT: restore of REV1 returns the SID/STAR’s


I confirm no SID no STAR with this AIRAC version

Don’t have anymore the REV1.
I hope problem will be solved soon :wink:

Hi guys,
sorry for the delay but due a parsing error on my side for AIRAC 2106 - I had to fix the issue and to re-create all datasets again in the last couple of hours. Was long days the last 48 hours … sorry for that.

And also, I can confirm, that the procedures are missing - I have created a revision 3 now which should fix this issue. I will upload revision 3 shortly but it takes time till the file is really available on all servers worldwide. So please be patience … and sorry again guys!


Hi again,
I have uploaded revision 3 now - all terminal procedures are back again in this revision. The manual installer from the webpage (Your Account on the right top → FMS Data → FMS Manual Installation)

is still available.

The file for the FMS Data Manager are currently in “transit” and this file takes time to deploy on our S3-servers, so this will take a little bit longer.

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard

Many thanks for your quick response but also for your time to correct this revision 2106.
Best Regards

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Thanks a lot Richard. All good now.

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Great all working with v3 manually loaded.

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