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I’m flying the IVAO Business Exec Worldtour and have more and more problems with airports not in the FMS database. For example, the airport YPJT (Jandakot, Perth). SimBrief knows it, X-Plane 11 knows it, but when I try to load the flightplan, I get an error message saying “YPJT not in database”. Sometimes I wonder, why I am paying for a navigraph subscription, when more and more airports are not in their database. So what do I have to do to get rid of these missing airport problems?

Guessing an addon aircraft ?

YPJT is in our database, incl. all terminal procedures. SimBrief uses exactly the same datasource as for the addons, so it´s more on your end or an issue on your addon. But it´s hard to answer such “general” postings without knowing which sim you use, which addon you use, and soon.

In general, your example airport YPJT is fully included.


Hi there,

as I already wrote in my initial post, I am using X-Plane 11. The addon I am using is Dden’s Challenger 300. I keep my system up-to-date. So, X-Plane 11 is v11.55r2, the addon is V2 and the AIRAC is 2110rev1.

And yes, the problem is easily reproduceable. When I load the aircraft and try to enter e.g. YPJT as source or destination airport into the X-Plane 11 default FMS, it says: “not in database”.

When I try to load the route created by SimBrief into the default FMS, the following error shows up:

And again, as I also wrote in my initial post, this not only applies to YPJT. The same applies e.g. when I try to go from or to VRMK. And there are some more airports where it says: “not in database”.

I hope, this is specific enough and not so “general”.


Hi Holger,

I just entered YPJT and VRMK into default X-Plane 11 737-800 without error:

So something seems amiss in your navdata. Did you use the latest FMS Data Manager to install?

Do you have any other addon software which might affect the navdata?

You might upload the SimBrief plan and we can test that also.


Hi Holger,
never heard anything about this addon - so, I can´t say anything why this addon don´t find the YPJT … Which dataset uses this addon? And have you checked the message? Is the select runway long enough for this aircraft?

I have tested this in the Zibo 737, which use the XPlane11 data, which will also be updated from us and here yI can enter the YPJT icao code without any issue:



I can´t see any navdata issue here. We don´t know this addon and also I don´t know which data this addon use. You pay for supported addons, and not for all (= unsupported) addons …

I assume, the issue is more in the addon and/or the runway-length limitation why this ICAO code will not be accepted but anyways, the airport is included in the data as you see. Why not in this addon? Please ask the addon-developer, we don´t support it …


This addon has a minimum runway length of 4950ft … the longest runway at YPJT is 4948ft, so too short and therefore you can´t set this ICAO code. This will also shown in the message what you have posted.

Here where you see this limitation:

Here, when I reduce the limit - YPJT is selectable:

It´s not a navdata issue, it´s a limitation in the addon.


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