Airport TAPH's waypoin is off by about 10nm south of the actual airport

Sorry if this is the wrong area but title. I flew from TRPG to TAPH and TAPH’s waypoint was not at the airport. Loading at the airport from menu works normally.

what is a TAPH’s waypoint? Do you have an example?


The actual waypoint for the airport is not where the airport is. So your destination is TAPH and you put that into your gps and follow the magenta line, it will lead you to about 10 nm south of where the actual airport is. I had to pull up a sectional to find the airport and successfully landed. I first thought it was working title mod but they said they just display the info, not change so I should let you guys know.

Sorry, but this is a MSFS issue - the airport is on a wrong place.

The coordinates in the MSFS are:

Our coordinates for the ICAO airport code TAPH are:

… and here the comparision of the coordinates. The MSFS coordinates (red) are south of the real one (green our data from Jeppesen), which we offer. So, please report this to ASOBO/MS - we can´t do anything for this, sorry.


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Done. Thanks for the response.

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