Aircraft Type - B48F


Could the Boeing 747-8 Freighter have its ICAO code updated to B748 when pre-filing with VATSIM? The system is now showing as B48F which does not exist in the ICAO Aircraft Type Designators.


Hi, B48F is an internal SimBrief code. When you prefile it should already use B748 as the ICAO type (at least, it did for me when I just tried it now).

If it isn’t working for you, may I ask where/how you’re generating your flight plan? I don’t see any recent flight plans using the B748 for your account.

Hello, I was checking the flight on behalf of a pilot of whom I controlled on VATSIM. Here’s his flight plan.

Thanks, on page 17 of that OFP you can see the ATC/ICAO flight plan string, which correctly identifies the aircraft as a B748. This is what SimBrief sends to VATSIM when prefiling, so it should work correctly.

Perhaps the pilot prefiled another way than through SimBrief, or simply manually entered their flight plan instead.

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