B747-8F Profile

I have been searching for a B747-8F profile but I can’t find one. Can anyone help me?

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Hi Pablo,


There is a B747-8F profile at item 32 of SimBrief.com - Aircraft Types.

See also Fuel Burn Rates in Simbrief FPs


Hello Ian,

I did see the iterm 32 but I am not sure if I am entering the values correctly because I am getting an overweight issue with the 748F. I think it’s the fuel capacity. I am entering 399038. I got that value from the PMDG 748F when I put 100% fuel. I am new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Pablo,

I think 399,038 LBS sounds about right for the B747-8F’s fuel capacity.

Which overweight issue are you having? Are you referring to the “PAYLOAD/CARGO LIMITED BY MTOW” message on some of your flight plans?

That message isn’t an error, it’s simply advising you that your payload has been limited somewhat. This is normal, especially if you’re flying a long flight that requires a lot of fuel.

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