Aircraft Request: Martin B-26 Marauder (B26M)

Please add the Martin B-26 Marauder (FAA: B26M) to the database. The FAA currently recognizes this aircraft with a current type rating and all performance metrics are available via Wikipedia.

It’s been a few months since I originally posted this request. I’m adding the aircraft profile details with hopes that it can be easily added as a new base. Thank you!

Base Type: B26M
ICAO Code: B26M
Aircraft Name: Martin B-26G Marauder
Engines: P&W R-2800
Weight Cat: Medium
Performance Code: C (Vref 121-140)
Radio/Nav Equip: SDF
Transponder Equip: S
Max Passengers: 19
Weight Units: LBS
OEW (Empty Weight): 24000 (in pounds)
MZFW (Max Zero Fuel Weight): 30275 (in pounds)
MTOW (Max Takeoff Weight): 38000 (in pounds)
MLW (Max Landing Weight): 38000 (in pounds)
Max Fuel Capacity: 7725 (in pounds)
Max Cargo Weight: 6275 (in pounds)
Passenger Weight: 175 (in pounds) default
Baggage Weight: 55 (in pounds) default
Default Cost Index: Not Supported
Fuel Factor: P00
Service Ceiling: 21000 (in feet)
Cruise Level Offset: P0000 (in feet)

Advanced Aircraft Options

Climb Profile: Normal (1600FPM)
Cruise Profile: 2200BHP
Descent Profile: 1600FPM
Cruise Speed: 310KTS (in knots)