I need a profile for Tolliss A321N

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I need a profile for Tolliss A321N when I make a manual profile, I can’t see that profile in SimToolkitPro, and this program is a very nice program for creating a route this program connects to my Navigraph profile and creates a route. i am waiting for your help in this matter thank you there is the necessary information for the profile below

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Base Type: A321
Internal ID: 183460_1647618578484

Notes / Comments:

ICAO Code:A21N
Aircraft Name:A321-272N

Civil Registration:
Fin Number:
ICAO Mode-S Code:

Weight Category:M (Medium)
Performance Code: C (Vref 121-140 kts)
Radio/Nav Equipment: SDE3FGHIRWY
Transponder Equipment: LB1
PBN Capability: A1B1C1D1O1S1
Extra FPL Info (Item 18):

Max Passengers: 200

Weight Units
OEW (Empty Weight): 49580 (in kilograms)
MZFW (Max Zero Fuel Weight):75600 (in kilograms)
MTOW (Max Takeoff Weight): 93500 (in kilograms)
MLW (Max Landing Weight): 79200 (in kilograms)
Max Fuel Capacity: 18440 (in kilograms)
Passenger Weight ?: 104
(in kilograms)
Baggage Weight ?:
(in kilograms)

Default Cost Index:

Fuel Factor ?:
Service Ceiling:39000 (in feet)
Cruise Level Offset ?: P1000
(in feet)


Please see SimBrief: Saved Airframes - ToLiss - X-Plane.Org Forum



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