Aircraft Location Incorrect - LTFM/IST

As you can see from this image, the aircraft location is incorrect at LTFM. When I took this screenshot, my aircraft was stationary at holding point G15, right up against the ILS stop line closest to the runway edge.

I have noticed this at other airports, but never to this extent. When I was going up taxiway Golf, the plane was totally off the taxiway in the map.

NOTE: I AM USING CUSTOM LTFM SCENERY, so it could absolutely be an issue with that, and not Navigraph, but as LTFM doesn’t existing in MSFS 2020, I can’t really know.


To clarify: Could you mark on your screenshot the position where you think your aircraft is located?

Could you make an additional check at some other airport with default scenery?



My aircraft was here:

I haven’t noticed this at any other airport I’ve flown to, though I have found that, with the v8, I find taxi charts a bit harder to follow because the aircraft symbol is so big and I’m not clear on which part of the plane it shows (i.e. is the top of the pink triangle the nose of my plane? Is the midpoint of the arrow the midpoint of my plane?).

what Stephen additional mean is:

  • start the MSFS,
  • goto any airport where you have seen this (an airport, which exists in the MSFS - so no 3rd party scenery)
  • set your aircraft to the correct position in the scenery
  • enter the external view, that we can see the exact position
  • open the chart app and overlay it on the MSFS windows
  • make a screenshot, where we can see the external view + the chart app with the position (arrow)

Thank you

PS: the top of the triangle is the exact position of your aircraft, not the midpoint …

This is Rotterdam. Default MSFS scenery (no add-ons).