AIRAC 2211 not compatible with XP12?

I updated to x-plane 12 b10 and b11 today and AIRAC 2211. See the message below. X-plane 12 can’t be launched as they don’t recognize AIRAC x-plane 11 not working for x-plane 12. I got last version of FMS manager.

If there anything you can do? (Windows 10)

"Leading navigational data failed.
Wrong or old file format, 1150 or 1200 version is requiredXXXXXXXX
Please note that x-plane 12 is not compatible with nav data files made for x-plane 11 or earlier "

Thank you for your help


the XP11 data are not compatible with XP12. Therefore you should have a new entry for X-Plane 11 in your FMS Data Manager - “Settings”, where your XP12 root path is shown.

Check this path please first and confirm, that this path is really your X-Plane 12 path. After that, please show us your “Addon Mappings”, to check if XP12 is correct mapped.

Thank you,

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I’ll try that. Thank you

It worked. Thank you very much!-)

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