Mismatch AIRAC - X-Plane 12

Can’t seem to update the NAV DATA AIRAC for X-Plane 12. My X-Plane 12 database appears to be stuck at AIRAC 2301 and the current flight plan AIRAC is 2309.

The Navigraph FMS Data Manager run in the background and I’ve ran the scanner several times. The path is set to my X-Plane root folder, and it indicates Manual (the utilities indicate automatic).

I am also running Navigraph Simlink and it appears to be broadcasting, that is; I am getting valid coordinates.

Any suggestions for resolving this?

Frank (AKA VirtualGa)

Hi Frank,

Please do a fresh install as per FMS Data Manager - No active Internet Connection - #2 by Ian

Restart machine.

If still an issue, please post screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots of:

X-Plane 12 path in Settings page:

X-Plane 12 entry in Addon Mapping:


Thanks for the response. It turns out that the mismatch was due to my failure to manually map a new aircraft. I’ve never added add-ons in the past - they were automatic.
Lesson learned. Thanks.

Hi Frank,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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