Airac 2013

GOOD MORNING !FRIENDS ! HOW DO I USE AIRAC 2013 , 2012 , 2011 ETC . At simbrief ? thanks !

I use windows - 7 and FSX .

Carlos Cabral

In english please … thank you!

how do I THIS HERE ?

You can only active outdated AIRAC cycles, once you have unlocked them …

Goto “Dispatch” → “New Flight” → “AIRAC cycle” → and press the button “More Settings”

After that you have a list with all AIRAC cycles and you see your “unlocked” (green tick in the “Unlocked” column) cycles. Now you can click in the “Active” column to active one “unlocked” outdated cycle.

The green tick in the “Active” column shows you the active, used cycle.

Hope that helps,

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