Not able to unlock an AIRAC

Try to unlock AIRAC 1909, but the unlocked AIRAC’s are 2014 and 1903. Whatever I try to change that, I did not manage to add the desired 1909. I have put the Navigraph Access Code but that doesn’t help me. There are 2 AIRAC cycles given: 2014 and 2013. Therefore I should fill in the Code to unlock. But I do not want those AIRAC cycles. What should I do to unlock cycle 1909?

I guess you´re speaking from SimBrief … you can only unlock the current/last cycle but not an older one. When a cycle is unlocked you can active/deactive it - also previous/outdated cycles - but to unlock any outdated cycles aren´t possible. The unlock-code are valid only for the current cycle - sorry.


Thanks Richard for your quick reply. I wonder why the 1903 AIRAC is unlocked. That is an old cycle as well I think?
I use the Reality RXP GTN750 in several airplanes and that device is based on the 1909 cycle.
Is there any chance to download that 1909 cycle somehow?


Hi Jos,
no sorry, there is no possibility to active an outdated cycle.

I can´t say why the 1903 cycle is unlocked - possible you have unlocked it? When any cycle is unlocked, you can use it “for ever” so long the cycle is available on SimBrief - independent if its the current cycle or any outdated.


By accident I unlinked my Navigraph account with Simbrief as Simbrief mentioned.

How can I link my account again?