Addon Mappings Disappeared ....... GONE!

Greetings all,

Yesterday I opened up the FMS Data Manager to update my AIRAC cycle for all of my mapped addons, but all of my addons were gone. I had 20+ addons mapped and all was working fine for months until now. So, I re-mapped all my addons, but then today, I re-opened the FMS Data Manager, and again, all my mappings were GONE. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or can someone tell me what might be the issue. I certainly hope I don’t have to re-map all my addons everyday.
Any help will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU !

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Why do you need to manually map 20 addons? Are they not detected automatically using Scan in Addon Mappings?


Ian, Thank you very much for your prompt and very kind reply. To answer your question, I am running both XP10 and XP11, and I have tried the auto-detect option, but I have renamed some of my aircraft and folders making it difficult for auto-scan. I like manually entering them anyway, but my problem is that the mappings will occassionally just dissappear, seemingly for no reason or explanation at all.

What would cause my mappings to vanish like that, and is there a way to restore them when it happens?
Thank you

Hi Paul,

I don’t know why your mapping is lost. Maybe you could take a copy of c:\ProgramData\Navigraph\FMSClient\mapping.index for potential reinstatement.

We are working on a replacement to FMS Data Manager, and it will look for standard names and locations. So we recommend you don’t alter these. As an alternative we shall likely continue to provide FMS Manual Installs.


Hi Paul,
addition to Ian´s answers … for the next time, you can “backup/export” your mappings directly in the FDM on the “Mapping page”:

The “Export Mapping” creates a simple XML file, which you can import to a later time (new OS installation and/or as in your case, when something happens). Just a tip …

To your issue general:
Possible a virus-scanner or the windows-defender has deleted the file? The FDM itself, doesn´t make changes and/or delete the mapping files without any user-interaction.

But anyway, when you have re-mapped your addons, export the mapping and store the file on a safe location, that when something happens again you don´t have any additional effort.


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