Adding an option for the inclusion of RMK/TCAS


The issue: currently all flight plans generated by SimBrief include “RMK/TCAS” in Item 18 (remarks field) of the flight plan. This is regardless of whether the operated aircraft actually is or isn’t equipped with TCAS. I mostly use SimBrief for planning GA flights in various small aircraft and regularly end up needing to manually delete the “RMK/TCAS” when filing the plan on VATSIM.

Proposed solution: add a Radio box for TCAS availability in the My Fleet section so the user can configure whether a specific airframe is or isn’t equipped with TCAS. Thus “RMK/TCAS” could be included in the flight plan only if it’s really applicable.

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Hi Arno,

You can remove the RMK/TCAS for a specific airframe by going into the airframe options, and entering RMK/ in the “Extra FPL Info (Item 18)” line. This will tell SimBrief to remove any default remarks from the FPL string.

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Is RMK/TCAS based on the equipment codes defined in the default/custom airframe or currently unconditional? Just curious.


Thanks for the advice. A nice workaround, perfect!

Rodeo314, TCAS is not specifically among the Item 10a/b equipment/capability designators (although the presence of a mode S transponder might suggest that TCAS is equipped), nor is it compulsory to add a remark about its availability. In most real world flight plans there’s no RMK/TCAS even though the aircraft clearly are required to and have been equipped with TCAS equipped.

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