Making F-PLN Remark Section fully Aircraft-Based

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Would it somehow be possible to make the RMK Section of the generated Flight-Plans fully based on the parameters defined within the different Aircraft a user creates?

For example, when generating a Flight-Plan using the “DLH” OFP Template, in the remark section, there always is a NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DAT/VM parameter listed, however, I do not want this, as in the relevant real-life flightplans there is no NAV nor DAT indicator, so is there any chance to remove these two indicators, in order to only have PBN/xxx DOF/xxx REG/xxxx…?

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…seems to have DAT/ (but indeed no NAV/). I’m guessing whatever reference was used when simBrief designed the DLH layout had both.



To add upon that, I have two further arguments regarding this suggestion:

  1. There are quite a few operators using a very similar OFP Layout (or at least, the DLH SimBrief Template is most similar to the real counter-part compared to the others), which neither have a DAT/ indicator, nor a NAV/ indicator. → For example AUA, CLH, etc.

  2. Also, regarding DLH on its own, according to the following edi-gla flight plans, it also is rather dependent on the fleet you are looking at.

For example:

A320: no NAV/, DAT/VM



Thus, I think it would be a great idea to make these remarks dependent on the input in the “Extra FPL Info (Item 18)” when creating an airframe.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve removed the DAT/ and NAV/ defaults from the DLH layout.

The different OFP layouts have been created at different points in SimBrief’s history, so they can be inconsistent at times when it comes to small details like this.

Just for additional info, if you run into this issue with other OFP layouts, you can force SimBrief to remove them from a layout by setting them to an empty value in the airframe settings. For example, you could have removed the NAV/ and DAT/ from the DLH layout by entering DAT/ NAV/ for the “Extra FPL Info (Item 18)” airframe setting.

One thing to be aware of is the FAA no longer uses this text to determine US Domestic RNAV Capability. Since Nov last year, they use the presence of, or absence of, the NAV and PBN strings to determine your RNAV capability. They did this to support domestic A-RNP, there are now new NavCodes to identify A-RNP capable aircraft.

FAA Form 7233−4 International Flight Plan

same for PER/ and OPR/, Not all airlines will put this in the OFP, maybe it can become optional. Users can customize what should be used. Also ATC FPL miss endorsement.