Add more Public small aerodromes support

Currently in French map many small aerodromes have no information displayed in Charts. Not logical because in VDVFR or MACH3 is available.
I’ve checked lot of small puiblic aerodromes many don’t have anyinforamtion despites data are available on web (most for free).

Hello! Thank you for the feedback.

Our source data comes from the Jeppesen VFR data coverage, and our map should thus directly reflect what real-world pilots would have available to them if using Jeppesen products like ForeFlight.
Jeppesen has to source their data from reliable sources like government agencies to keep the quality of the data high, and would not be collecting information from different independent sources “on the web”.

This means that smaller, often private airports will not be included as their information is simply not included or “recognized” by the government agency. Finding and including such airports is simply not an option for Navigraph at the moment because of our high standards for data quality and the huge logistical challenges and manual labor that comes with consolidating this non-standardized information.

All this said, this wish is fully valid and the topic will remain. I just wanted to shine some light on the implications and details if this issue!

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Hi, All French airport from French government agencie :

Airplane : SIA - FRANCE

For heli stations : SIA - FRANCE

Free for everybody. SDVFR using data’s from this repo.


but all these data are not in any readable (ARINC424 standard) format sorry …