Upload own charts

There are some of areas in the world where Navigraph doesn’t have chart coverage, like Germany’s has no charts for VFR-only airfields.

As these charts are often provided free of charge to download, it would be great to be able to upload them to your Navigraph account, so that they are available in Navigraph.

I think it’s sufficient that the charts are only available privately in a user’s account to avoid any legal problems.

The charts don’t even need to be georeferenced.

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I love this idea but can’t you just use the Navigraph VFR Map because you‘ll nearly get the same information‘s.

Some of the information isn’t available on the VFR map and the official VFR charts often are more detailed.

Like at EDWO, there are some smaller roads that on the official charts, but not on the Navigraph map. The added detail often help navigating the traffic pattern better.


Thank you for your suggestion. We likely will not implement such a function however. More likely is that we might be adding more local VFR chart providers further down the road. For the US area, for example, we’ll soon be providing FAA sectionals.

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Thanks for your reply! That’s great to hear.