Active Navigraph monthly account but Simbrief wont update to cycle 2110

I’m able to update all my sims and add on to Cycle 2110 but Simbrief says I don’t have a subscription. This is the first time this has happened. can

Hi Ron,


I don’t see a subscription for user Rwilson1428. Maybe you have another account?
Please log into account which has subscription.

See also Derek’s post at Simbrief OFP not ackowledged in Navigraph - #5 by InFlight


Ah Yes, I do have another account
that has my current subscription

I dont know how it got disconnected but

How do i get that navigraph account to simbrief so it will see it?
and get all my data from the Rwilson1428 username account over.

When I log in with either navigrapth account it wont let me import my data.
it says its been done on another account???


I have unlinked your SimBrief account from your “non-subscribed” Navigraph account. You should now be able to log in to SimBrief with your “subscribed” account and import your SimBrief data.

Best regards,