Ability to show SID/STAR waypoints in navlog

Using the UAL 18 OFP format for reference here. Would like to have a selectable option somewhere that waypoints in the SID and STAR to show up in the nav log (unsure what the technical term is, in the UAL OFP starting on “Operational Flightplan Pg 2 / 3”. With aircraft addons relying on the INS coming into popularity, chiefly of which the Felis 742, it’s necessary to get the lat/long for waypoints if you want to use the INS during the SID and STAR, and so you have to manually type out those waypoints in the route. I understand this may not be wholly accurate which is why I suggest it to be toggleable. Thanks for considering!

Hi, I just checked and the UAL 18 format already includes SID/STAR waypoints in the navlog.

Can you clarify what you mean?

Well, I feel like I’d recently seen some SIDs and STARs where the waypoints weren’t in the navlog, but the one I tested did have them in there. I’ve confused myself now.