AAL OFP Formating missing ETOPS entry/exit points and Class II navigation entry/exit

I do not have a format example for these – I am trying to get one but am unsure if I will be able to – but I think the AAL OFP is missing two important pieces of information:

  1. ETOPS entry/exit points
  2. Class II navigation entry/exit

Examples from DAL:

Examples from UAL 18:

I am hoping you might have access to reference material for AAL already that would show how that should be formatted, but as I’ve said I will try to find something if not. This is, in my view, important data and it would be surprising to me if AAL does not include it in the flight log portion of the OFP.

On the new AAL OFPs using FlightKeys, there are no EEP/EXPs, nor Class II callouts within the NavLog - they now have a added section which shows the ETOPS relevant points, but outside the NavLog.

Good context, @dougsnow, thanks.

I was able to source an example of the current release format for an ETOPS flight and it includes the separate section with the ETOPS entry/ETP/exit information:

I do not see any information about entering and exiting class II navigation.

This obviously doesn’t fit into the current OFP format that SB uses, though since it’s just a single page maybe it can be added after the flight log since that’s roughly where it lives in the new format.

If someone from SB wants the new format for reference and can tell me the best place to send it I’ll share the full OFP, I don’t want to post it here.

Class II really only applies to B043 fuel planning, which they for the most part no longer do, they now do B343, Performance Based Contingency Fuel, which doesn’t care about Class II airspace