AAL OFP Format doesn't give Alternate route

The AAL OFP format does not include the generated Alternate route, even if I specifically go double check it’s there and re-analyze it. It just gives it as direct.

For example, I just briefed KSYR KORD with KCLE as the alternate.

Dispatch screen showed DUFEE LOGGR DETMR BRWNZ4, OFP shows ALTN RTE - R00 /FL370 ORD.DCT.CLE

Hi, I’ve added support for this now. Please try to generate a new flight and let me know if it works as it should.

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Confirmed to be working, thanks! Now if you can just find a spot to sneak the ZFW in that American decided to leave out… :wink:

Just generated an AAL briefing, and indeed I cannot find any info about weights (other than fuel). Not even takeoff, landing weights. Surely that cannot be right? Or am I blind?



The only weights I see on the layout are Ramp Weight (RWT) and Payload (PLD) I believe. AAL pilots must get the rest of the weights another way, probably via ACARS closer to departure time, but I don’t know for sure.


You can always subtract the RLS FUEL from the Ramp Weight to get the planned ZFW, but I don’t think it’s listed on its own anywhere.

The next version of SimBrief will list more weights on the Briefing page, so hopefully that should help when using formats such as this.

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Ah yes; now I seem to recall someone, perhaps myself, asking the same question years ago on the old forum.

Good luck to their pilots :slight_smile:



AAL gives the ZFW and other weights on the closeout, which is kind of like the OFP part two. It’d be “fictional” having the ZFW on the OFP, but not unwelcome.

Do you happen to have a sample of what this closeout looks like? Perhaps it can be “attached” to the end of the OFP to be used in the cockpit, depending on how complicated it is.

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