A320NX Simbrief ID

Hi folks,
using either the latest stable or the development version of the A320NX I am unable to enter my Simbrief ID.
Nothing happens.
I read somewhere that it may be a firewall issue. To test this I turned my firewall off but still could not enter my Simbrief ID in the MCDU. (465248)
What else can be done ?


Check you are using latest DEV version of FBW A320NX

Make sure you are using the correct Simbrief username (not email and without spaces), otherwise “nothing happens”. When correct you should get a blue number.


I think I tried them all.

To confirm : do I need both username and ID with a slash between them ?

I have a both a Simbrief and a Navigraph login to Simbrief…Does that make a difference ?


Just the one username and it should be identical between Simbrief and Charts as per

If still no joy try “Pilot ID”, This is shown on the Simbrief dispatch page before you generate the OFP.


I only have a navigraph alias - which I have tried. I used it successfully on the EFB before the latest SU5 - which broke a few things on the A320NX.

But no matter what account I try it does not work. Are you able to send me the correct information via my email ?

I can currently login to Simbrief using either my Simbrief account or my Navigraph account. Should I delete one of them ?


I think the issue is that you have not generated a SimBrief flight plan on your account since July 16th. It’s likely your flight data is no longer available and therefore can’t be loaded by the A320. Please generate a new flight plan (or re-generate your previous flight) and try loading it into the A320 again.

Normally if you enter your Navigraph username “BrzIBrzI” it should work. But if you still need your SimBrief ID, it can be found on the New Flight page:

Hope this helps,

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OK. Will try that. Thanks

That worked. I input my Navigraph username and the system then autofiled my Simbrief ID in blue.


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