A dispatcher's station?

It would be more real-world if we had a separate dispatcher package that contained SimBrief and the flight release to ATC and the aircraft. Then the load sheet could enable the flight crew to modify the loaded FP once all payloading is finished.

With the OFP then using the new super-NOTAMS We did it !! NOTAMs solved, by 300 people | Fixing Notams in the OFP formats replacing the existing NOTAMS listing, the volume of OFPs would be greatly reduced and easier to handle.

This does not appear to add much new functionality apart from re-packaging existing functions. :grinning:

Hi Richard,

Since SimBrief tries to emulate real-world OFP layouts, we will likely wait to see if or how Super-NOTAMs are implemented by these companies before implementing them ourselves.

I’m not sure I understand your second question. If you mean the ability to “update” your OFP with the final load figures once you’ve loaded the aircraft, this is typically not done in the real world unless the weight has changed significantly.

But perhaps I’ve misunderstood, please feel free to elaborate further if so! :slight_smile:


Hi Derek,

I understand that you may be a little reluctant to implement the Super-NOTAMs but that, as the open source code is apparently already available, you might take a lead in its implementation and learn about reactions from the real world airlines. Any later revisions by the industry could then be made on release of later versions. As it stands, I doubt whether many simmers actually read the current voluminous NOTAMs.

I believe that I am correct to say that, in most airlines, a scheduler prepares the original OFP for each flight, which is then passed electronically to ATC and the aircraft FMS at the same time. ATC will then release the OFP to the aircraft as a PDC near to the push-back time. A little later, as loading completes, the flight dispatcher will go onboard to show the captain a final load sheet. These details are cross-checked to the FMC data to ensure the accuracy of the final takeoff details. Any adjustments are then entered to the FMC by the crew.

Regardless, at least your reply shows me that you have considered my suggestion. I would obviously love to see the changes coming about.

From a simmer with many years of interest in flight planning,

Kind regards, Richard

RW airlines aren’t going to do anything unless their flight planning providers incorporate it (and they won’t until it is accepted by a regulatory authority), or are forced to do so. Plus, programming in changes takes programming time, and time away from more higher priority projects.

It wont happen anytime soon.