6049N waypoint missing?

Route generated by SimBrief from BGBW to KDCA: DCT 6049N DCT H5755 DCT CUDDY/N0476F340 N662B YBC/N0469F380 DCT YRI Q850 OMALI DCT TOXAL DCT PONCT DCT BWZ DCT

The issue is that 6049N doesn’t appear in the nav database and therefore isn’t loadable into the Challenger 650 for XP.


I think I’ve fixed it, please try generating the flight again and let me know.

Note that when creating the flight in SimBrief, it might still show “6049N” in the route, but the FMS downloads should now correctly convert it to a custom lat/long waypoint so it can be loaded.


Indeed, fixed! Thank you for the quick turn on this.

The only issue I see now is the nav log from the dispatch shows 148nm from the airport to the first fix (there’s an interim TOC waypoint, I’m including that in the total), whereas the FMS and ForeFlight call it a 126nm mile leg.

Any idea why the discrepancy?

That’s actually normal.

On your flight plan, your first waypoint is on a heading of about 260°, but you departed runway 06. The system is accounting for the extra flying distance caused by initially flying away from your route during takeoff. Adding 22 nm to the distance might seem a bit pessimistic, but SimBrief’s calculations are intentionally conservative in case ATC vectors you around traffic or something.

If you try generating your flight with runway 24 as the departure runway, you should see that the distance to the first waypoint is lower.

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I apologize, I remember now that I originally generated the plan with rwy auto select turned on (it selected rwy 6) but actually set it up for rwy 24 once I got to the jet after reading more about the airport and finding a visual departure procedure for rwy 24.

Thanks for the clarification. Great work!