07FA Missing all STARs in Navigraph Charts

I noticed airport 07FA is missing all the STARs associated to it in Navigraph Charts. When I look at the FAA ADIP site, there are 11 STARs listed for the airport.

07FA , Ocean Reef Club airport in Key Largo, FL is a private, VFR-only airport. It has no STARs. It doesn’t even have any instrument approaches,

Any thoughts on why the FAA has 11 STARs associated to this airport?

Facility Dashboard - 07FA (faa.gov)

Also, the Navigraph PMDG FMS Navdata also has them included.

I agree it’s a private airport, just trying to understand the items above.

The airport is a secondary destination that can be accessed via some (but not all ) STARS for KMIA. You would have to refer to the KMIA STARS in Jeppesen. This airport could not even be filed as a destination airport on an IFR flight plan, because it has no instrument procedures of its own.

The primary reason Jeppesen does not include the relevant KMIA STARs in the 07FA charts is probably because they also publish paper versions of all charts, and duplicating the KMIA STARs for 07FA would be cost-prohibitive.

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07FA may be filed as a destination for an IFR flight plan. There is no requirement that the destination offer IAPs.